CROUSDT is testing the dynamic resistance

CROUSDT is testing the dynamic resistance

The market is testing an important supply zone as you can see on the daily timeframe . (the upper chart).

On the 4h Timeframe (lower chart) the price had a breakout from the triangle after a false breakout but got a rejection from the previous support now new resistance.

Now the price is testing the dynamic resistance around 0.5$ and static 4h resistance.

How we can approach this scenario?
We’d like to see a clear breakout from the dynamic resistance and retest the previous resistance as new support.

0.55$ could be a safe place to apply our strategies and open a new long position.

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Keep in mind.

  • 🟣 Purple structure -> Monthly structure.
  • 🔴 Red structure -> Weekly structure.
  • 🔵 Blue structure -> Daily structure.
  • 🟡 Yellow structure -> 4h structure.
  • ⚫️ Black structure -> <4h structure.