Solice competing with Sandbox

Solice competing with Sandbox

Hello there everyone!!! 😃🌏👋
Thank you for considering my approach today, let’s dive in⭐⏬

Note📌 more accurate target will be available as we move along, this is a relatively new project. My bias is very bullish🏵🐮

Fundamental analysis:🤸‍♂️🌊

So, Animoca Brands who created the p2e game the Sandbox is at it again along with the incredible Solice team. The CEO of SLC was one of the members of the original Fantom team. Turns out Animoca is top investor in the Solice VR metaverse project. It’s no surprise to see them investing in meta projects across all blockchains it’s what they do… but not this heavily, so we suspected bullish price action at launch.
Anomica is not the only investor in this VR project either, it was also invested in by gate, Kucoin, and FTX via Alameda research. Launch was on gate and huobi, then it was added to dex’s on Solona such as Raydium and Orca.

They’ve locked up a large amount of the supply with a massive staking system ranging across dex’s and exchanges. The last staking will be on tomorrow Jan 15th for one full week on gate📌🕘📆
I can’t help but think that these big players have something planned for when it’s all locked away, after all, Pro Shares just filed for a Metaverse ETF. There is clearly institutional interest and SLC’s stopping power against BTC downtrend is very apparent.

Technical analysis: 📈📉
This is relatively new token, so we don’t have a whole lot of data yet but here is what we know👀
💫We saw price correct and bounce from 0.618 fib after reaching 4.25 dollars from 7 cents at launch.
💫Watch the chart as it’s breaking out on the daily now and seemingly gaining support at 30 percent retracement line.
💫We could see a retest of upper purple line on chart above before more upwards movement.
💫If we fall below ~2.79 again, an updated TA would be wise 🐶

💣 WIth that being said buy pressure is very high right now and no one really knows
✔ This metaverse land💲 is not going to be cheap (in theory)🏜🌋🏝

📆📌🕘 Four land sales🏝 🌅are coming up which will require large amounts of SLC to purchase. The game itself launches this quarter. In my opinion we could see 10 to 25 dollars in the coming months given the current MC and the amount that is locked up.
In fact, at a Sandbox or Mana MC the coin would be worth 100’s of dollars in the future… Meta and the right p2e projects have been the play indeed in the past couple months. That being said, I always recommend you do your own research👽

Thank you so much! Happy trading all and please remember 👍👇

🛑🛑🛑This is not financial advice🛑🛑🛑 Above are approximate targets based on fibs etc. I always recommend looking at multiple charts when making a big investment!

Always have a stop loss ✋🛑💲 set

Any thoughts 💭💡, questions 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️❓, good 👍, bad👎, happy 😄 or sad 😥, in the comments always welcome.

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