Presearch ;decentralized search engine ( PREUSDT analysis)📈📉

Presearch ;decentralized search engine ( PREUSDT analysis)📈📉

Hello Crypto community Welcome to my new introduction for another high potential project.

💹Rank #393 — Ethereum Token
Market Cap :$ 137,884,742
Circulating Supply: 396,578,435.00 PRE 79% ✔️👍 good
Max Supply :500,000,000 PRE
💰Holders Statistics:
10 Holders:59.99%
Top 20 Holders:66.49%
Top 50 Holders:74.9%
Top 100 Holders:80.64% ❗🚫risky

❇️What Is Presearch (PRE)?
Presearch is a decentralized search engine with more than 1.5 million users and over 10 million searches a month. It offers users three unique value propositions:
🔰Having control over their data and privacy
🔰Being paid for contributing value to the ecosystem
🔰A decentralization of the search ecosystem
Presearch offers several products with real-world utility. Its search tool allows users to search the internet in the same way they are used to with search engines like #Google or #DuckDuckGo

sources: io
As you can see on the weekly timeframe for PREUSDT , It is trading about $0.366 right now.
Although it has been rising for more than 5 weeks and has grown in price by about 100% recently , it has a local resistance of about 44 cents on its way and It is also approaching the ceiling of its ascending channel . If it breaks its recent resistance, it can even reach its price targets in the short term. But I think a bearish scenario is more likely to happen , and any bitcoin fall could fall more at the same time .
In this case, in lower support points, it can be a good option to enter 3 steps and also a suitable project in terms of investment.

🛑current weekly resistance level: $0.43
❇️current weeky support level: $0.23_$0.27
💥(Note that most of my analysis on the weekly timeframe basis is more suitable for long-term investment rather than short-term trading.)
🔰(Anyway, I highly recommend novice traders and investors to consider risk management and buying in a few steps) .
✳️(also Following security measures is vital in cryptocurrency trading. Always remember that $100 worth of a token may become a fortune someday. So treat every penny with respect.)
👉This analysis is my personal opinion ,not a financial advice ,so do your own research.
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