CRO going parabolic? Fibonacci levels

CRO going parabolic? Fibonacci levels

CRO going parabolic???


Here is a quick logarithmic chart to get an idea of where to get on and off from this fast mover…

Clear uptrend channel visible from this angle and using a Fibonacci which so far the price bounced off the 61.8% level after Black Friday market antics brought it down to around $0.60

Huge fundamentals with the Stables centre sponsorship will keep this coin bounding high, any negative news will hurt the price giving great opportunities to get on this fast and wild horse

Let’s see if some speculators are correct into the next years using this weekly log chart, time will only tell…

Off to DJ at CoinFestUK later today, catch u all after the bloodbath, looks like lots of pain today in the markets