ALICE/USDT : Targeting +$50 by Breaking the BOX !

ALICE/USDT : Targeting +$50 by Breaking the BOX !

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#ALICE has moved nicely above it’s recent broken dynamics and it just reached the Darvas Box’s high.
📚 I have 3 factors that makes #ALICE to surge above $30 or even $60 :
– Moving in a Darvas Box
Bullish Head & Shoulders formed
– Broke above the bearish trendline and found support

– Moving in a Darvas Box, Any breakout will guarantee the $60’s target :
As you can see on the chart, The bearish Darvas Box has formed and the it’s targeting for the lower low on the chart.
But on the most of the times; Box gets broken from above it’s just created the new high !
We experienced the same on SLP , SHIBA and ALGO, All of the have the same pattern and we saw that how SHIBA plays with it after the breakout.
I’m expecting the same for #ALICE and with the bullish channel it just formed on the RSI , It’s won’t be far from the breakout.
However we reached the higher trendline on channel and it can lead the price to the lower support level to gain more bullish momentum !

Bullish & Shoulders formed, Targeting $36.83 :

The depth of the Inverse Head & Shoulders is targeting $36.83 as minimum target which is able to give us +80% profit in total !
We might see the accumulation above $20.00 and retest it as a confirmation on the breakout, However we can surge the highs from current point too.
So we’ll zoom in for micro view 👇🏼

– Broke above the bearish trendline and found support, Surges 47% already and reached the resistance :

On lower Time-Frames we’re able to see the 8H’s order block, Which is formed on 15th.March, Currently it’s rejecting the pair and it can be a forced dive into the local S/R zone or the FIB retracement’s level !
Based on technical, We have two reversal points if we get rejected from here :
– $19.68 as FIB’s level
– $17.57 as 4H’s broken supply zone which is turned into local S/R zone currently !
Also we have $15.66 S/R line as bullish breaker in daily time-frame.

🔴 Beside of the given information about bullish factors, We have to be cautious of the BTC exchange Whale Ratio(72h MA).
This indicates the top 10 deposits take 91% of the deposit volume across all exchanges in the hourly timeframe.
If we take into the BTC’s 1H time-frame chart, We can see the broken bearish pennant that targeting 53K or lower in short-term !

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