Contentos Still Facing Resistance | Control Your Emotions

Contentos Still Facing Resistance | Control Your Emotions

I held Contentos ( COSBTC ) for many months and then decided to sell everything, not just Contentos, right before the strong bullish action starts.

You can call me stupid but I am just sharing something that happens to many of us.

I can also confess than I do sell when pairs are moving up.

I collect profits.
I withdraw enough so my mistakes are just moments to detach and concentrate on my meditation more and more.

How to avoid these mistakes?
How to maximize profits?

Just follow your plan and that’s all.
Do plan ahead.
Do invest time and energy on what you will do with your money.

It is your sweat.
It is your hard-work.
It is your responsibility, so only you are responsible for your gains or your losses.

Sometimes is good to start over; it really depends on what situation you are on.

If you have money to spare, you can learn from your mistakes.
If you can’t spare any money, then you need to study first, calculate before buying anything, before jumping into trading Altcoins and Crypto.

It is not about buying and selling, it is about growth and emotional control.