🌁WRX is claiming 200EMA/key level

🌁WRX is claiming 200EMA/key level

After a very soft but steady breakout from multi-month downtrend on Nov 2nd the price entered the zone of strong resistance, where it got rejected and found support at key level (1.30). This area is supported by 200EMA, dynamic support(blue) and a local level (1.26). We can expect more consolidation around 200EMA, so it would be a surprise if the price dropped even lower to 1.20 to confirm the strength of current levels in which case it would be an opportunity of a solid entry. 1.20 is also 0.786 FIB retracement.

Entry: buy at current price or lower down to 1.20




About WRX:

The WRX Utility token is the backbone of the WazirX ecosystem, the fastest-growing crypto exchange in India. The token has been issued and is circulated over the Binance Chain, the native blockchain of the Binance crypto exchange. WRX tokens have a limited supply of 1 billion, 10% of which would be burned in the future to strengthen its dynamics. WRX was introduced to involve the WazirX community in helping to build the platform and get rewarded accordingly for contributing to the platform’s success. The founders intend to evolve the use-cases of the native coin to enhance its worth further and, consequently, benefit the WazirX trading community.

Using WRX tokens for trading cryptocurrencies, you earn discounts and add to the token’s utilities and its overall worth. Since the more a token is in circulation, the more is its worth.

Source: wazarix