Hold THIS so YOU can get 10x!!

Hold THIS so YOU can get 10x!!

This technical analysis contains;

– standard S/R lines
– previous support line
– all time high (unlabelled, but visible)
– two triangles
– two perfect breakouts
– my entry point

What’s important when it comes to forming triangles though, is that you take notice of the point at which the 2 sides begin, not just where they end/come together.
The triangle points touch both the support and resistance levels, which is a clear indicator that the Chromia ( CHR ) market should hold a consistent movement of momentum. There have been 2 massive breakouts thus far, and there’s zero indication yet that CHR has any plans of slowing down. It’s a coin that isn’t over-publicised on Twitter , you’ll barely see any talk about it, which is fantastic because it’s not a meme coin whatsoever, it’s one with arguably the best launched roadmap of 2021 and im holding until $10+.

From the better part of 3 weeks since my entry point, I have discovered that:

Whilst BTC consolidates / CHR moves in a parabolic manner
Whilst BTC is bearish / CHR seems to consolidate
Whilst BTC is bullish / CHR is also bullish