JASMY Phase 3 Breakout "Could" Start Tonight/Tomorrow

JASMY Phase 3 Breakout “Could” Start Tonight/Tomorrow

**Not financial advice. Just my thoughts based on Trend Analysis.
**BTC is in limbo and could head down near term. This could force JASMY down vs breaking up out of the triangle.
**Sometimes its safer to wait for confirmation vs buying what you think is the bottom.

I personally think JASMY finds a bottom between 7PM est 11.14.21 and 7AM est 11.15.21

JASMY is near support, near the edge of breaking out of its triangle and could break out in the very near future. (It could also breakdown)

JASMY likes the Demark 9 Count on the 45M, 4HR and 18HR timeframes.
***For short timeframe scalps I use the 45M TF to identify 9s and good times to sell.
A 9 will print on the 45M TF around 530PM EST. This “could be its bottom”
***For buy signals I use the 4HR TF to identify 9s.
The 4HR candle is currently flashing a 5. Which means we could still be headed down for 16 more hours until the reversal.
***For long term buy and sells I use the 18HR TF for buy and sells.
JASMY is currently printing a 9 on the 18HR. A new candle will print around 7PM EST.