LTCUSDT Pitchfork| Daily Levels| Price Action| Bull Trend

LTCUSDT Pitchfork| Daily Levels| Price Action| Bull Trend

Evening Traders,

Today’s analysis – LTCUSDT = rejection from a key technical area and is retracing back towards support, holding this level is critical,

Points to consider,
– Price Action Impulsive
– Weekly S/R Support
( .618 Fibonacci Confluence )
Volume Influx

LTCUSDT’s immediate price action is trading towards a key weekly support that has technical confluence with the .618 Fibonacci, Pitchfork Median and a Order Block, allowing for a bullish bias.

The immediate objective is the swing high and then the overall Weekly Resistances.

The volume profile has an influx, follow through is needed for sustained momentum to the upside.

Overall, in my opinion, LTCUSDT is a valid long with defined risk, price action is to be used upon discretion/ management.

Hope this analysis helps,

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And remember,

“The desire for constant action irrespective of underlying conditions is responsible for many losses in Wall Street.” – Jesse Livermore