X-Margin and Clearpool Join Forces on Transparent Lending for Digital Assets

X-Margin and Clearpool Join Forces on Transparent Lending for Digital Assets

X-Margin and Clearpool have joined forces to generate transparent lending to companies trading digital assets. The partnership will release uncollateralised credit for crypto traders that make use of Clearpool’s mechanics. On top of that, the tokenised credit (CPOOL) will give access to a secondary market and other products including credit derivatives.

The decentralized capital markets ecosystem, Clearpool and X-Margin, a credit facilitator platform for trading firms, have teamed up to assist institutions to access funds from their resolute and transparent lending pool.

The privacy-preserving technology provided by X-Margin, which measures and publishes institutional credit scores, will allow debtors to produce an accurate risk score without divulging delicate information. Further, the partnership between the two will strengthen access to capital for solvent institutions trading digital assets. Also, it will furnish creditors with information that permits the allocation of informed capital across an assorted range of debtors.

Opening up Credit in the DeFi Space

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO of Clearpool, Robert Alcorn stated: “We’re opening up credit in the DeFi space, enabling borrowers to improve capital efficiency. Our partnership with X-Margin will be the catalyst to data-driven credit markets and the development of exciting new instruments such as credit derivatives. It’s a major advance in the maturity of crypto and DeFi markets.”

This alliance will provide institutional debtors entry to creditors via its dedicated syndicate, as well as warrant their credit by delivering privacy and neutral credit risk metrics. The advantage of tokenising this credit to the pool will facilitate creditors to manage the risk more effectively. In addition, X-Margin’s data will provide the foundation for the sturdy secondary market.

Currently, Clearpool is developing a radical decentralised capital markets ecosystem driven by its token CPOOL. Thus, institutional debtors have the ability to access unsecured liquidity.

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Ultimately, institutional debtors making use of the Clearpool protocol will have access to unsecured liquidity and extinguish liquidation risks, notably magnifying its capital efficiency. In contrast, creditors (liquidity providers/LPs) using the same protocol will profit reasonably from the experience. Thus, pool interest rates ascend along with the risk and diminish as the risk falls. Other rewards, such as CPOOL tokens are paid out to Clearpool creditors, intensifying the overall APY’s to market-leading levels.

We Share with Clearpool the Same Vision

Darshan Vaidya, the CEO of X-Margin, added: “We share with Clearpool the same vision for managing credit risk and we’re particularly excited about how our partnership with Clearpool can play a key part in tokenizing credit, allowing a new market to develop. Giving lenders visibility and control over their credit risk will open up the access to capital in the digital asset space, and in turn, lead to a more efficient and liquid market.”

X-Margin Credit is a thorough platform for counterparty due diligence, encompassing KYC, financial statement analysis and real-time risk monitoring across borrower portfolios. Creditors obtain security utilising X-Margin Credit’s increased visibility of risk and the optional programmatic governance of funds. Some of its users are Ledger Prime, Dunamis Trading, GSR and Wintermute Trading.