The Sand Box (SAND) Update 30/10/21: New ATHs 200% Gain from Buy

The Sand Box (SAND) Update 30/10/21: New ATHs 200% Gain from Buy

30/10/21 Update: All short-term price targets reached. SANDBOX has gained over 200% from $0.78 to $2.45 since we had the 13 EMA cross over the 50 SMA on the 24th October. We will update the chart with new targets after we cool off. Please see previous analysis below. Happy Trading 🙂

28/10/21 Update: SAND is currently 10% away from the new ATH set on 31st August. From here we can expect a retest of the ATH and our price targets at the 127.20% fibs @ $1.45 (35% away) and the 161.80% fibs $1.80 (68% away)

Please see previous analysis below 🙂

The Sand Box (SAND) Update 10/ 05 /21: $2 SAND Price Target…282% gain from $0.53 to $2 at the 261.80% Fibonacci level when it really starts to move. We hit $0.91 on March 28th and have since been in a accumulation phase between the 50% and 78.60% Fibonacci level signalling a weak retracement and a break above the 200SMA will signal further bullish market sentiment for SAND. We can expect $1.33 next few weeks.

Update 03/ 05 /21 The Sand Box (SAND) New ATHs $1 dollar very very soon. 47% gained from Buy Zone 1. 49% Gain from here ($0.63 to $0.96) to the 127.20% Fibonacci level! See previous analysis below 🙂

The Sand Box (SAND) Update 25/03/2021

Since reaching a new ATH @ $0.79 on 13/03/21 SAND has been consolidating after retracing down 36% from this ATH to $0.50 in just 4 days from this new ATH . It has been sitting in this beautiful range between 78.60% to 61.80% showing us signs of a weak retracement as we wait for the Bulls to come back into the market to push the price higher. Although some selling pressure has been present, a triple bottom has formed giving us confidence of a bullish sentiment at this key resistance level and we expect the price to continue to climb and the Bulls to take control as we search for a new ATH @ 127.20% Fibonacci level. Be patient, use the Buy Zones to map out your buys or DCA to accumulate. There is very high probability of setting a new ATH @ $0.96 after testing the previous high @ $ 0.79. A potential 69% Gain from the 61.80% Fibonacci level here. Happy trading 🙂

*Update from March 15th 2021

Buy zone or use the 78.60% Fibonacci level as a buy limit @ $0.579. The Sand Box (SAND) is still looking parabolic and is still in search of new ATHs. Since the 13 EMA crossed up the 50 SMA signalling a buy signal, the price of SAND has gone up by 190% from $0.20 to $0.68 in just over 2 weeks. Since this huge move towards the upside we have still not had a big correction in price, so if you would like to buy in, use the buy zones to map out your buys. Potential 50+% gain to the 127.20 Fibonacci level. Our next price target at the 161.80% Fibs is $0.99 (70% Gain), we could see $1 SAND before the end of the month with the current momentum to the upside.

Buy zone 1 @ 78.60% Fibonacci level, enter here.

Key Notes:

Launched in 2011 by Pixowl, The Sandbox is a blockchain-based virtual world allowing users to create, build, buy and sell digital assets in the form of a game. By combining the powers of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the Sandbox creates a decentralized platform for a thriving gaming community. *