How To Make Millions Investing In Crypto Games (DO THIS NOW!)

Today we’re talking about how to invest in crypto games for beginners and hopefully make millions. It’s being said to be the investment of a lifetime, so I had to look into it – Enjoy!
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So today let’s discuss this new investing opportunity, how to get in at the ground floor, and I’ll round everything up with my thoughts as a traditional investor.

What Is A Crypto Game?

The game fortnite has generated nearly 10 BILLION DOLLARS with, in-game purchases over the last few years. They do this by selling rare skins & items which are all stuck within the game itself so those items only have value if you are playing fortnite.

But what if you could actually take those items and sell them in the real world and even make a profit. Well that’s going to be possible in crypto games as the items will all be NFTs and the gold you collect will be it’s own crypto currency with real world value.

By having creative uses for these digital assets inside the games it creates a demand for the items and an in-game-economy.

How can you money from Crypto Games?

Well now we understand how crypto games work, imagine you were able to spot them before they became popular and invested in their nfts and coins, that kind of explosive growth could make you a lot of money. Like with anything, it’s usually the people that get in at the start of these things that make the real profits.

During my research I actually found there are 3 key areas that if looked into can give you a huge advantage over other investors!

Number 1: The Game Developers

You want a team that has extensive experience and has worked on big games in the past. This way you know they are able to follow through on their promises, as they have proven their skill sets.
New developers are likely to bite off more than they can chew. These kinds of projects are very unlikely to get completed, or if they do then everything is just mediocre. Even big companies take years to produce games like Grand Theft Auto, so it just isn’t possible with teams as small as 10-30 people in a reasonable time frame.

It seems to me that the most successful indie games are the ones that have a very basic journey, a lot like the game ‘Rocket League’.

Number 2: Graphic Design.

Your first impression of any app is formed based on screenshots, GIFs or the opening seconds of a trailer. The truth is people really do judge a book by it’s cover, so in order for a game to really take off, the visuals need to be really beautiful.

Especially when considering these indie games don’t have a huge marketing budget, and are relying on word of mouth and social media to spread the message for them.

Number 3: Potential Scams.

As crypto gaming is so new, it’s easy for scammers to pretend to be making a game when actually all they are doing is buying demo packs, copying an existing game and selling their NFTs for thousands based on nothing but hype!

All it takes is for some kid to come along and notice how bad the game is and then the party is over, and the illusion is broken.
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