$TEL- At 15 mins!

$TEL- At 15 mins!

Lower timeframes always gives a quick view on the price momentum of any assets, the investor’s behaviors and their trading psyche where as the longer tfs confirms the repetitiveness of this patterns over time. ..(that is what i think…)

Tel has a pattern and it is always the same play.
Long accumulation/consolidation, some dumpty heads somewhere always waiting to capitalize on it with their inside trading hit and run gimmicks and then the very firm holders/investors holding the forte….always ready to swoop in

See that flash price up to 0.0222 and then right back to 0.019 ?… I mean greed must do some shitty stuffs to some people’s head for them to not understand that we are just in the pre-phase of bull market… Market is just starting …

This kind of silly trading style won’t work this period (STOP doing that shit!) because i believe that there will always be some investors equally waiting for that opportunity .

Anyway, I think all this events is what makes this market interesting somehow..!! LOL

Currently, Tel is trying to turn that event to a bullish “W” and if i am correct, it will erase those long wicks like it never happen.
Reason is because if you go check on the HTfs ,on that 0.0199 price area is some recurring resistance levels lined up to acts as a potential field of support should the price drop a bit lower and i think this can hold.