Hello gang!

So this is a fun one… we’ve got bitcoin on the bottom and doge coin on the top on the 30 minute candle.

All those lines are how i do my homework… they vector map the playing field in 3D. I spend most of my time with the vector map turned off (hide drawings).
When i see a historic harmonic projection that has similar spatial orientation to our current pattern, ill trace it (bars tool) and bring it forward and fit it to the 3D vector map. This results in fairly accurate projections.. as long as we can pick the right one to follow.

This is a constantly evolving process… and as soon as a good fit appears, the next projection starts to take hold and dominate our motions.. for a little while.

This happens predictably, in predictable shapes of harmonic patterns , on every time frame… so i repeat this exercise of outlining the levels and fitting the projections on multiple time frames as well… i really like the 9 minute, 30 second, 30 minute, and 4 hr views… as well as the all time view (at as short of a time frame as will fit on the screen… we we have the most candles… as the candles help us see into the smaller time frames from a further out.

Anyhow… its like a 3D art project for me, and I’m happy to share it with you all.

Now… for the cool observation here. Overall, these two graphs move remarkably similar…. But there is one epic difference. The overall peak to peak slope of the overhead resistance line for the most recent peak to present has a huge divergence, indicated by the heavier white dots, and the pink arrows. There is also a divergence on the next major order of magnitude further out… shown by the pink heavy dotted lines.

So… an interesting bit of divergences for bitcoin and doge… what could it mean?
Do i see bull flags and bearish rising wedges? Sure… but those patterns aren’t that predictable right now… we will know more as they continue to form and break.

I can speculate on infinite logical arguments to describe the favor of the situation for one or the other of these coins. Most would scoff at doge coin out of resentment for having not been in… having stayed loyal to the king of crypto. And on the other side of the logic… The old giant vs the explosive kid… Did doge just make its signature toe hold for a step up to the next level? Is bitcoin due for a a bearish segment at the end of the complacency phase post peak??

Or maybe DOGE just ran out of steam faster and they are both turning the corner for a chance to recapture some buyers down below???

Or maybe the inflation is pounding away at the US dollar and crypto is the only place to be for ever after?

Good Luck!