VRA/USDT : Possible 300% Rally after a retest on broken zone

VRA/USDT : Possible 300% Rally after a retest on broken zone

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#VRA has formed a CUP & HANDLE pattern here.
However, There is a bearish divergence on RSI and Volatility is moving in over bought zone, So the retracement is expected.
We can set our bids below the the current broken resistance zone , But you need to caution about a close below the zone !

On other side, VRA / BTC has formed a bullish flag in 6H TF :

As you can see there was a falling wedge which is broken now, Also it just formed a stiff support zone at ( 0.0000007196 – 0.0000006863 ).
There’s another support below the bullish flag and I expect a pullback from it on mid-term…
So it’s more likely to break the flag from above !

🔴 Have to pay attention on BTC’s chart, Once more BTC outperform ALTs, Then most of them will bleed badly !
So you can set your invalidation below the mentioned red light on USDT’s chart and for BTC’s chart you can set it below the current support zone .

Attention: this isn’t financial advice we are just trying to help people on their own vision.

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