Algorand (Sideways Trading)

Algorand (Sideways Trading)

support zone ) and never going above $2.09 ($1.86-$2.00 resistance/ceiling.)

Algorand’s Community Governance registration period end this Thursday (10-14-2021.) At the time of writing this Algo has:

57,067 Governors, with 751,415,874.696 Algo’s committed to be locked up for the 3-month required timeframe.

The Pink rectangle on the R.S.I Chart is a high level of resistance for Algorand, and is sure to be either rejected at this level, or breakout from this level.
A rounding top formed (seen as the over head arching red line.) However, an even bigger rounding bottom can be seen (the arching blue line).
The overall Crypto market has seen the bull market continue, with wide speculation of an extended Bull Market (possibly till January of 2022 and/or beyond.)

Price target around $2.75 to $3.00 per Algo by October 28th through October 31st. With a possible delay till mid November.

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