ICPUSD Long Term Price Targets

ICPUSD Long Term Price Targets

Dfinity’s Internet Computer has had quite the introduction to the crypto markets after the ICO listing, the price dropped from $600 to about $40 in less than a month. It has gotten all of the worst news coverage as it dropped at the top of the current market cycle, so it’s only been listed in the midst of a bear market.

Now with Bitcoin , Ethereum and all of the other cryptocurrencies reversing back to the upside, the ‘third generation’ looks like its finished with its accumulation phase and is now looking for upside price targets.

At the moment, ICP is looking to regain this uptrend as a level of support and claim new local highs.

Once ICP regains this uptrend and breaks out of the $67 – $70 price barrier, it is going to reach $100+ and reclaim some of its previously found highs from this year.

The targets i’m looking at for the long term on this $48 entry are:

TP1 🎯 $107. 40
TP2 🎯 $124.83
TP3 🎯 $164.15
TP4 🎯 $249.28
TP5 🎯 $364.06

As always please do your own research, I am not a financial advisor and this should not constitute as financial advice.