BTCUSDT 23 SEPTEMBER 2021 1100hrs (Buy low)

BTCUSDT 23 SEPTEMBER 2021 1100hrs (Buy low)

look to the left there and the green volume spikes. Took about 74 days before it was cleared and able to mark up…

It took about 75-100 days to shake people out. Something to keep in mind when price is ranging. It can be a while. Trading within these ranges is possible but very stressful and very risky, especially if you are clueless.

These are just targets.

I am looking to buy when price is around previous demand zones and if the volume is right. You want to see if they are re-entering positions at previous demand zones… its how it works, don’t blame me…. I didn’t come up with ANY of this. I am just trying to read what I see using Wyckoff principles and VSA tactics.

Will see what happens at these price areas.

Seriously, keep it simple. Target previous demand zones for buyers, previous supply zones for sellers. Start there and the volume will start to make sense eventually with practice.

Sources of education:
Richard Wyckoff
Tom Williams Volume spread analysis VSA / Master the Markets
Pete Faders VSA*
Sam Seiden ( supply and demand )
Read the ticker dot com
Wyckoff analytics
Element 15 trades (bitchute/odessy)

Avoid buying into weakness/supply/resistance
Avoid selling into strength/demand/support
Avoid entry when price is in middle of a range (phase B)