XRPUSD (Ripple) – Week 36 – Bullish momentum

Rakuten, a major Japanese online retailer, has announced the return of XRP margin trading on its Rakuten Wallet exchange. The service was shut down on December 24, only two days after the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a historic case against Ripple. The cryptocurrency’s price discovery , according to Rakuten Wallet, is now steady enough. Coinbase, Kraken, Binance U.S., Bitstamp and a slew of other exchanges are yet to reinstate trading in the U.S, with Ripple’s fate hinging on the outcome of the lawsuit.

Technically, Ripple did exactly what we expected it to do in our last week’s report, it broke the orange trendline marked on the chart and now it started an up move. For the following week we see a consolidation happening in this area before the price continuing higher. If the price retraces deeper than 1.20-1.15, we could see a bigger consolidation in this area before the upside.

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