1. Both token were listed yesterday on FTX, Raydium & Serum DEX).

2. Atlas is an in-game currency, Polis is a governance or Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) token.

3. First hour after listed, $ATLAS dominates the volume with 28.68M while $POLISs has a little bit lower; 26.75M.

4. As for now(28-hours later), $ATLAS has touched 1.618 fib extension, while $POLIS still struggling prior that level.

5. In term of circulation supply, $ATLAS has 21.6B, while $POLIS has 21.6M of tokens, the price action compared to its scarcity still do otherwise.

6. After one-day, $ATLAS ‘fully diluted market cap’ is almost similar to ‘market cap’ of $AXS (AXIE INFINITY), just a matter of perspectives.

7. If $ATLAS current market cap can push up to current $AXS market cap which is 17.7X from here (with ‘upon launched’ circulating supply), then the price will be around $2.1. That is 13,300% from here.

8. This is the first triple A s’ crypto game, the first real-time graphics, powered by Unreal Engine 5.

9. Minigame expected to be released at the end of this month.

10. Star Atlas partnership; Animoca brands, is also the backer of $AXS.

Which one token has the most potential?
As an investors, most potential means more demand. Based on fact listed above, people more interested to $ATLAS compared to $POLIS.

In short, you may regret if you missed out the moon shot to the space.