VET on the move for new all time highs soon! Target Min 30c!

VET on the move for new all-time highs soon!

Made some nice gains already today on VeChain, I see this baby continuing to go up for the remainder of 2021 with a wave 5 target between $1 to 1, 40 by end of the year.

I am trading this in the short term and have these targets over the next 4 to 6 weeks:
1. 19c
2. 24c
3. 34c (possibly up to 40c region depending how much fomo this gets and should Bitcoin breaks out to new highs)

STEP 1 ->>>>>>>>>> The next VET objective is to break above its 6 Aug high of 14,4c and then this should rally to 19c in no time, expect a decent retracement then with much profit-taking as a lot of traders are looking at that level.

STEP 2 ->>>>>>>>>> following a break about above 20c we then expect to see the next consolidation at all-time highs between 24c to 28c. Sell any tests of the higher end of this range.

A good risk-reward target is therefore 30c and then I would look for a more sizeable couple-week retrace before entering again for the next leg up. As long as bitcoin plays the game VET will outperform bitcoin for the rest of 2021.

Good luck traders and remember to DYOR!