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SLP let’s going to moon

The value of this currency has sharply decreased after its uptrend and created a downward spike. After 40 days of continuous accumulation phase, we had the XABCD pattern in the 4H time frame. So, we can expect to grow as big as a XA chord after breaking the trend line top of the CD Chord in the harmonic pattern .
Due to the downtrend, the possibility of a sudden price return is a bit impossible, and then more time is needed to climb.
I think it can do ATH in a month.

Take-Profit Targets:
1) 0.2000
2) 0.2200
3) 0.2500
4) 0.2800
5) 0.3000
6) 0.3200
7) 0.3500
8) 0.4200