BTC bounce

As I said yesterday, BTC was coming into important support levels.

We ended up bouncing off the 1 to 1 fib extension at 46,750 and we then reclaimed 46.9k to then pump.
I’m personally in a long, as I told you if these support levels hold look for longs, and that’s what I did, simple.
Long support short resistance.

1st target is the fib golden pocket at around 48k , and we’ll see if it will get respected once again.

However the one that I am more interested in is the one at around 48.6k, because if we break it it will also represent a change in market structure (first higher high)

So for now expect higher, unless we get a strong reaction off 48k (I don’t expect one honestly, but we still have to monitor PA)

Any questions?

Good luck traders
Remember not to break your rules