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KAVA Advance Continuation pt.2

KAVA so far has netted me a 37.65% return in 15 days. This was from a 6.3789 preliminary entry on August 15. That’s roughly a 2.5% gain a day. Not a bad swing investment!
Prognosis: I expect KAVA to climb some more. It’s already up 5% this 4 hr candlestick period and we’ve surpassed the new TRR (8.566) en route to the 1.0 Fibonacci sweet spot. Anticipate a slight retrace or a retest of range resistance, but judging from the VSA it looks like we’re back in moneyland. Remember to always take profit, because you’ll never go broke doing it.

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I review over 300 coins & tokens daily and handpick all the runners myself (no bot signals).

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