BTC Trend Line Channels

This is a super simple BTC road map that I thought gave a unique perspective that was interesting and different from others such as logarithmic curves and bands and stock to flow. Basically, this started by trying to identify the most powerful trend line in the BTCUSD chart. This is the thick green line that is second to the bottom. You can see that this line has had almost constant interaction throughout the bear markets of the last 2 cycles and, in the cycle that we are currently in, it has been support, resistance, and now again support.

The other bands are just simply other parallel trend lines that have interactions at critical points in the chart history and have approximately even spacing between them. As an example of these, that bottom green line is interesting to see that during the black swan COVID 19 crash, the price basically went to a level that trends with the capitulation bear market bottom a few cycles ago.

It is also worth noting that this chart shows the diminishing returns aspect of each cycle. The first cycle starts way below the price channels and thus has the highest rise. The next cycle starts from below the channels and rises above the channels. The next cycle does not go all the way through the channels, and instead is bound between only 4 lines. Our current cycle has currently channeled between 3 of the trend lines .

Obviously, the real question is where are we going from here, and where might the cycle top take us to. To me, it seems like the bear market capitulation of this cycle was in line with the thick green line, and that the COVID 19 crash could be considered an anomaly and not just normal market behavior, which can lead to speculation that we could make it to, or close to, the thick red line as a market cycle top, since without the COVID crash, BTC could have likely stayed in line with the thick green trend line , and thus, rising to the thick red line from there would only be a range of 3 trend lines for this cycle, whereas last cycle it ranged between 4 trend lines , and in the cycle before that, it ranged slightly more than 5.

In conclusion, I thought this was a perspective worth sharing. One thing we can all take away from this, is although Bitcoin might crash shockingly at times, the trend is certainly moving up!