Bitcoin bulls may get shocked by this!!

Let’s get to the point quickly 😉
I suppose every bitcoin hodler is amazed by the recent price rally of bitcoin . In order to get a valid signal, we need to see the price form a bottom. But how should we know the price has gone down just enough?

Analyzing the fundamentals is important to answering that. The idea is; after a rally market gets imbalanced. Therefore price needs a correction to form a balance. At the chart, at the bottom part, you see the three lines representing trader nets. In order for the price to settle down and ged ready for the next rally up, we historically, need the trader net among different traders to reach close to each other forming a balanced market and a bottom. As it’s shown by two red arrows, we might still need a couple of weeks to call it the end of the price correction and hence call the rally is valid.

Remember, Yet markets are naturally unpredictable, hence we can find patterns that will help us better understand the market and trade profitably.

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Peace! with Bitcoin 😉