BINANCE: LRC/USDT (Wyckoff Accumulation)

🛒 Pair: LRC/USDT 🛒
== SPOT==
⏰ 1400/ 05 /22 ⏰
🕰 13/08/2021 🕰
Ex: Binance
🛒 Buy : 0.30 – 0.31 🛒
👉Sell Targets👈
🎯TP1: 0.345 🥉
🎯TP2: hidden 🥈
🎯TP3: hidden 🥇
🎯TP4: hidden 🚁
🎯TP5: hidden ✈️
⛔️ SL: 0.275

High Risk Trade as btc might see correction.
LRC just broke out of Wyckoff accumulation pattern with good volume . BTC did local break out from fib.0.5 level at 46800 and this caused bullish momentum on almost every chart in crypto market. for LRC , Money flow shows good money inflow to this market. but in indicators like RSI , CCI , St. RSI we can see overbought condition which gives the vibes of correction. that is all we need to jump in. i missed the best buy above POC at 0.28 but it’s okay. market is full of opportunities.
Synchronized with btc , market healing and moving up. Bitcoin aiming for higher targets at 48k and 51k as two key resistances. Bitcoin dominance broken out of falling wedge in daily tf and looking for a S/R test. imo tomorrow will reject from this level and alt season will resume. this move will make enough room for altcoins to breath