Simplifying Axis Infinity (AXS), Huge Upside potential setup

Hello! So let’s break down the analysis:

Fundamental Analysis:

1. Axis is directly influenced by Bitcoin
Bitcoin dumps massively -> Axis dumps or consolidates
Bitcoin pumps -> Axis pumps slightly or consolidates
Bitcoin minor correction or consolidation -> Axis pump insanely, just like right now

2. Fundamentally, Axis growth is going exponential, the traded volumes are increasing greatly!! Very bullish sign. Adoption is insane.

Technical Analysis:

1. As we can see, Axis formed a bullish triangle, or if you consider the previous run, it made a bullish flag pole. these chart structures have 66% chance to break upwards.

2. The usual approach is, we take the pole length and put it where it broke out to find out rough selling target

3. As I studied the past chart of Axis, more than technical supports and resistance, Axis tends to follow Psychological S/R. So From that perspective Important price points are:

$50 – Support
$60 – Sell target 1
$75 – Sell target 2
$100 – Final Sell target

Cheers, Have a nice day!! Please comment if you have any question or feedback