BNTUSDT 3X Risk/Reward Long Position

In this technical analysis , we have analyzed the BNT/USDT symbol. This digital currency As you can see, the BNT currency has been able to drive itself up in an uptrend channel .

The remarkable point is the middle resistance of this channel, which has created a lot of conflicts each time for the price to pass and has always had a hard resistance to climb.

In this offer, our purchase with 3 exit targets in the form of a step up to the previous price ceiling and the next channel ceiling target in the range of 4.6$ to 4.7$ is considered.

If the trend of a few days by Bitcoin is accompanied by correction or fluctuation, this change can show its impact on our chart with increasing time.

In this case, the channel ceiling will be seen at a farther point than the original state, and this can create a target in the range of 5.3$ for us, which will be considered as the final output target.