4683 pips bagged in total

And as always, i was right on point !.

I gave out this sell idea knowing BTCUSD was in an uptrend because divergence had been spotted and as you know, i don’t let any divergence opportunity escape for anything in the entire world.

I sent out this signal on my IG and told my followers to hop on, as did i on here as well.

Congratulations to as many that hopped on this sell.

My normal target is always 1:5 ( 500 pips Stop loss, 5000 pips as my TP) but i gave more space for our stop because of the 1:8 RRR we were aiming for. Price managed to give us a 1:4.7 RRR which was half of our original target.

Overall though, i’d say this was a good trade !.

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