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○○○●●● introduction ●●●○○○

Participate in the TRX promotion and win-win plan and receive generous rewards. 100% safe and real, is an opportunity to change destiny. specific contents:
1. Successfully register an account and get 200TRX rewards. You can also get commission rewards for successfully inviting registered subordinates, specifically:
1. The first-level commission reward: 10 TRX .
2. Secondary commission reward: 8 TRX
3. Three-level commission reward: 5 TRX
2. Your lower level recharge 1000TRX, if your registered account also has 1000TRX, you can get 1000*10%=100TRX reward. If the friend you invited also invites his friend to register successfully, and his friend also recharges 1000 TRX, you can also get a reward of 1000*8%=80 TRX. The third level commission reward is 1000TRX*5%=50TRX.
important note:
1. If your lower level recharges 10000TRX, and you only recharge 1000TRX, then your commission reward is 1000*10% instead of 10000*10%, and the third level is the same. When your lower-level recharge amount of TRX is more than you, you need to recharge at least the same amount of recharged TRX to get 10% lower-level recharge.
2. The recharged TRX can be purchased through any exchange and stored in the IMToken wallet. The recharged TRX will be released at an average rate of 3% per day until the release ends. TRX obtained through commission rewards can be withdrawn to any exchange for trading at any time, as long as you feel satisfied with the TRX price of the exchange at that time.
3. Each successfully registered account will get 200 TRX, which needs to be released at the rate of your recharge release, and you need to release the recharged TRX first then 200trx starts to release. For example: if you top up 100 TRX, you will release 100*3%=3TRX every day, then the reward of 200 TRX will be released after your 100 TRX is released, and 3TRX will be released every day. If you top up 1000 TRX, 30 TRX will be released every day. The gift of 200 TRX will also be released within 7 days at a rate of 30 TRX per day.
4. All TRX released every day in your account can be withdrawn to trade on any exchange at any time.