BTCUSDT Sell: Second Bearish wave

Hello traders!

Bitcoin is in a range from nearly three weeks and this range is about to give a breakout.

According to my Strategy Market is very close to starting a Second Bearish wave and we are going to see 6-9 bearish waves in total. After it completes its waves we are going to see a strong rise which will touch 55K price and we have to keep an every to catch that final moment.

The Target at 19000 is not for the second wave. We will see the price at 19000 in the 3rd/4th bearish wave.

Currently, BTC is at the resistance and there is a 20% chance that we will see a drop now and there is an 80% chance that the Market will form a bearish pattern and see a drop in 1-2 days.

I will keep you update after every wave and we will also catch the final Moment before rising as we sold before the drop when the market was at the peak.

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