BREATHER AFTER BREAKING THE 3 WEEK HUGE S.TRIANGLE, THE TARGET IS STILL 25K SO HANG ON TIGHT GUYS AND IF U TOOK THIS TRADE WHEN I MADE EMERGENCY VIDEO LAST NIGHT I TOLD YOU THAT IF U USE LEVERAGE ONLY USE UP TO A 4X THIS WAY YOU CAN HAVE A 1 DAILY ATR STOP LOSS AND RIDE THIS SAFELY TO THE TARGET WITHOUT BEING STOMPED out and liquidated, now we are in a small s.triangle taking a breather and once we break again the bottom of triangle we will continue in our short trade to target, dont get scared out of trade, be patient and ride this to huge profits and once we hit our targets the idea then is to buy the dip the bottom i believe, so if u are getting value from my trading signals and trades please smash that like button and follow me for my daily and emergency updates on what i see going on with price and the bitcoin market for the day or week, anyway thanks for watching, sha256bittrader signing off!