ICP, Triangle-Formation With Potential Breakout Ahead!


Welcome to this analysis about ICP , we are looking at the 4-hour timeframe perspectives. In recent times ICP has moved on to somewhat build a potential bottom in the structure besides that I discovered a interesting formation which is a descending-triangle-formation marked in my chart with the waves A to C almost already completed and now ICP is about to consolidate further in the structure building up for the breakout above the upper-boundary which will finally emerge when ICP moves above the upper boundary and closes there as it is marked in my chart to confirm the breakout-setup and show up with further continuations in which it will approach the upper target-zone from where the dynamic needs to be elevated anew. For now, it will be important how ICP manages the potential breakout as mentioned.

In this manner, thank you for watching the analysis and great contentment for everybody supporting, all the best!
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