#BTC is at crucial point. This is where you sell BTC.

Welcome to this quick update.

To be honest things aren’t looking good atm. Observe the chart carefully.
We did broke down below the triangle but only in lower time frames. It can end up being a WICK in a daily candle close which matters the most.
Keep in mind it’s really important for BTC to maintain the 34k level. If you’re holding btc better to keep an SL around 34300 level. Previously we bounced from the 34800 level. It must hold if it doesn’t this chart will get invalidated and we can see some lower price targets. Keeping in mind the current fear in the market We can get surprised too. Let’s wait for some action on Monday.
Break and close above the 43k level could trigger a momentum for another bullish rally. Too soon to say anything though.

SO IN A NUTSHELL : Close below 34k level bearish
Close above 43k level Bullish

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