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Hello friends.

SO yesterday we all or most of us crypto enthusiasts steering for BTC 40K, and now because of Mr. Eion broken heart,💔 all the coins are selling off.

Do not get manipulated, we all know what 🐋 want, they want to buy low and sell high and we should too, not the other way around ” not financial advice”.

now we have a crystal clear view of where is the support and where is the resistance

36000 is a support
39000 is resistance

I am bullish and you know it that’s why I want to see the market breaking 39K and closing outside of this wedge , also above the trendline resistance.

please do no think we are in an uptrend now, the way I see it we are bottoming, and most of the money that moving bitcoin is scalping money, quick in, quick out.

with regards to other coins, If BItcoin sneezing, ALTs will catch cold

be careful do not panic.

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-Disclaimer: This information is not a recommendation to BUY or SELL. It is to be used for educational purposes only⠀
-Please note this is just a PREDICTION and I have no reason to act on it and neither should you