Update on Bitcoin and the whole crypto

After 6 months of bullish price action, you can expect a massive correction. And you got it. But you are too shaken out to buy.

In my telegram, I said, “before supercycle begins, there needs to be such a massive correction that it shakes out new money completely. Otherwise, everyone will make it.” It happened.

What do I expect from BTC?

Price reclaims its monthly VWAP . Price above 43k, making it into the new support and higher lows.
After the end of June, 6 months VWAP will make a move, I expect BTC to respect the VWAP and target towards 200K. Also, the price needs to be above the mean.

If BTC drops more, where can it drop to and still remain bullish in this cycle?

As long as the price remains above 23K, BTC can remain bullish in the cycle on a macro level.

What do I expect from Altcoins?
We are heading towards the greatest altcoin cycle you have ever seen. 6 months from now, we will see what happens.

My altcoin price targets remain intact. You can check my profile for that. If I am wrong, I am wrong. But I don’t trade emotion, I trade the charts and price action.

What scenario will turn out to be a nightmare for crypto?

A stock market crash. I don’t see it happen this year because there is more money to be injected into the system for the Greatest Reset of the century. However, if it doesn’t take place, and there might be a systemwide disinflationary bust by the FED to lower inflation rates. This will cause a massive panic sell in inequities and cryptos.