Greetings investors, traders, speculators, technicians.

XRP bullish after 1-4hr RSI reset, allowing Handle on Cup be completed. because of fundamental in air on XRP, i would only be trading a portion to half of bag… saying this, upon completion Bitcon , yes Bitcon, will be hitting resistance up around 43000 and change and will be completing right shoulder on a MASSIVE, GIGANTIC, HNS, and will be plummeting to atleast the neckline to kill all leveraged longs, and i say, dump past neckline to take us ALLLLLLLLLLL THE WAY DOWN into CRY PTO HELL, to support at previous Tether “bullruns” highs. completion of that HNS should take us to ungodly levels to take us into CRYPTOWINTER.

(note: if the trade analysis brings you some jingle, consider tossing a Hamilton or Andrew Jackson in the collection pail . i’ll take it as an offering: im looking to crankup a DOOMSDAY PARTY i got planned down in Texas, and your offering will not go unnoticed spiritually… take a look at all the on the money targets you previously missed… unable to publish more details without getting charts blocked by TradingView)