Crypto Market VLOG #28 – Higher low formed?

Having a real tough time calling where BTC goes today.

This is almost a day of forming a higher low, it arguably has significance now. This is what you want to see for a bullish trade setup. However I was wanting a proper 33k test. So I need to watch my own bias here.

The daily isn’t blowing me away, we may need a close of this daily to ascertain exactly what we are looking at with this higher low.

If lower time frame breaks and closes above 35k… it seems probability leans towards a test of the upper trend line .

Shoutout to todays trading view ideas = @MarcPMarkets, @goldbug1, @MMBTtrader

=== TimeStamps ===
0:00 = Welcome
0:30 = BTC update
1:00 = Kinda accurate prediction
6:40 = BTC on lower timeframe
15:15 = @MarcPMarkets
16:45 = @goldbug1
18:20 = @MMBTtrader
19:30 = Closing words