BTC Bitcoin Inverse Head and Shoulders

“leveraged short wacking before leveraged long rekill”

(note: if the trade analysis brings you some jingle, consider tossing a Hamilton or Andrew Jackson in the collection pail . i’ll take it as an offering: im looking to crankup a DOOMSDAY PARTY i got planned down in Texas, and your offering will not go unnoticed spiritually… take a look at all the on the money targets you previously missed… unable to publish more details without getting charts blocked by TradingView)

Greetings investors, traders, speculators, technicians.

a few things taking place in cry PTO landia. short wacking will be taking place, then a long bagholder re cry.
BTC is in overbought situation, so should be turning red for a few to 4hrs, followed by a catapult to complete this Inverse HNS , which is bullish … then upon that resistance, the full HNS will come back into view and BTC and cry PTO land should be dumping back to neckline on Daily HNS posted days ago, and upon breaking, we gOing dOwn to sub 20k… this is but opportunity for those that can comprehend and put into action