Sub 30k soon?

Been waiting for a while for this triangle to play out, but it looks like we’ve just about reached completion.
Look at the RSI (white line indicator) while the price is bouncing in the triangle then breaks the support and retested the bottom twice now.
I think that’s wave E so I’m expecting a move lower soon.
First target it 30k then 25k then 21,500 is my lowest target. Some people even say 13k but…. I think that would mean something is wrong

Crypto is full of surprises though so do your own research. I just don’t think we’ve really had that Panic mode yet where people think it’s all over (which is when we buy, cause we’re smart money… Or at least trying to be lol)

***Remember!! We are in the final stage.
You need to decide where you’re getting off this ride because we are in the final chapter of the 1st volume of the Bitcoin series. You can hodl… But you better be ready to hodl for 5-6 years and have that money fluctuate wildly as we deal with economic fallout of our government destroying our currency.

***Also remember, if you are leaving all your money as cash in the bank you may get destroyed. It doesn’t matter if your deposits are FDIC insured if the dollars can’t buy you anything. I recently bought physical silver and feel much safer even though everyone thinks it’s a moronic thing to buy. That just makes me want it more!

Not financial advice.