its time to see BTC

According to the chart above, if you look at the black line above, you will see that it lowers the ceilings and tells us that in this small range, which we think is a suffering range, the price is declining, but we have a red crease at the bottom. Which has caused our price to support the floor and get stuck in these two ranges and create a price density.

The price of Bitcoin is now around $ 34,900 and fluctuates between $ 35,000 and has had a chain divergence since 12 o’clock Tehran time, which has caused the last price floor of $ 33,370 to have a pivot point , and optimistically, if the price goes down black Break the paint in the last waves, so that the upper line of the medium-term Neruli trend can advance in the range of 37 to 39 thousand dollars, but this line must be broken and it must be careful that it has not been broken yet.