Another bulish move just started

Price drop from 141 USDT to 35, was a little bit tragic and I believe there is a lot of people who looking to the charts for finding their hope of another big bullish movement. But I ask of my self is there any corrective movement with just one wave? I prefer to answer to this question like this. Is there any impulsive wave without corrective wave? No. So the earliest price drop from 141 to 35 USDT is not finished. But the bottom of that Wave is a historic point and it will maybe never come back again. So the first phase of corrective wave is finished and the for the second phase, we can set up our strategy for going up at least to 61.8% of the first phase. So I mean another bullish move with a implusive wave is started and it will reaches at least about 100 USDT. Look at the chart.
If you are interested to this chart and its probable profitable opportunities, leave me a comment and in this way I will analyse it more for new updates. In the same way if you are confused with my analyse, please ask me to explain in other way.
Thanks for reading and attention.
Best regards.