ADA chart entry to buy this dip

A. If Options are significantly net long, expect pain trade to the DOWNSIDE. Wait for massive 2nd wave of crash, buy dip near $0.8 per coin as per 2nd leg length, or track progress of crash and where everything settles on macro view {BTC}, follow accordingly and recreate trading plan. Always follow BTC .

B. If Options are significantly net short, expect pain trade to surprise to the upside and recover. If the bottom is indeed in, wait for price to reach $1.34 per coin. Probable bounce, followed by potential push to the upside. Tiny position. If wrong, no worries. Wait until assets fall further. Upon bearish sentiment shift, begin to plan for upside trade. Trade entry is a variable. Always small position, then build after it proves itself, step by step. After fully loaded leverage position, ride the way to $200 per coin comfortably 🙂 🙂