ENJ/USDT 4h simple analysis in 28th/May

Hi, crypto traders.

ENJ is in a sideways market now.

The price started to go down and broke my 1st target: 80h (blue) line to the lower side. However, it bounced from my 2nd target: 240h (green) line.

If the candle breaks 20h (red) line to the upper side again, the trend will be an uptrend. Conversely, if the candle goes down and breaks 240h (green) line to the lower side, the trend will be a downtrend.

Because the trend changes easily, we should wait and see the next move carefully today.

==TODAY’s Check Points==
– The candle goes up and breaks 20h (red) line to the upper side?
– The candle goes down and breaks 240h (green) line to the lower side?

After JumpNet releasing for all creators and collectors, I hope the price will jump up!

==TODAY’s Target Price==
ENJ goes up:
1st target: Cross-point with 20h line
2nd target: 2.06USD
3rd target: 2.18USD

ENJ goes down:
1st target: Cross-point with 240h line
2nd target: 1.08USD
2nd target: 0.735USD

Enjoy your trading.

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xxx: Efinity launch

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