VET ready to breakout!!?

Vechain has recovered pretty well compared to most cryptos right now we are well above the 200 Day MA which is very positive and we are sort of getting stuck at the blue 100 day with 2 bounce offs, aswell this 100 day MA happens to be lining up perfectly with this descending channel that has formed over the past 20 days. Once we see a full break of both the descending channel and the 100 day MA i think VET will start to explode once again like we saw a little while ago! Our RSI is pointing down slightly around the oversold zone and we have lots of room to run up to that midpoint line, for a full uptrend we need a confirmed break of that 50. point! The zero lag MACD looks very bullkish with our lead heading up and a start to a confirmed flip bullish with our blue MA ontop of the Orange. Very Bullish on Vechain as a long term project too i love the tech and real world use cases they are providing and could definitely see VET as a top tier crypto project in the near future, their partners are quite impressive and big institutions are really starting to realize what Vechain can provide and bring to their businesses! Not financial advice just my opinion!