SHORT DOGE 3.5 risk to reward ratio

As expected my past prediction of DOGE movement was correct,

DOGE now breaks its 15 min ema ribbon rainbow pattern and ready to head down as the 4h chart also suggests that it is still in a strong downtrend phase.

Don’t fall for the bull trap

Times like this crypto “fundamental” matter a lot. This is the period where volatility and possible bear market are ahead, meme coins with no actual use cases will be hit the hardest.

We run out of new kids who get their money from stimulus checks, the ones that are interested in trying the crypto market are now afraid to try it.

The whales will eventually also cash out. Important to notice that the biggest whale has not cashed out yet.
You can check on bitinfocharts, I cannot post links here yet.
Whereas the tier 2 and 3 whales have decreased by quite a bit meaning that they have exited some of their positions. If tier 1 whale has a total of 28% of all the dogecoin , the price will crash hard before he liquidated all his positions, the price will go to almost zero. LONG on DOGE is as risky as putting your money in the roulette machine now.

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