AAVE ~ Post-capitulation buy-in zones

AAVE showed incredible strength during the last bull run up.
It is in the top 3 of all DeFi protocols and the TVL just keeps going up: people want to keep their finances in AAVE more and more.

I was a late comer to the AAVE coin. I only started investing in it about 8 months ago. Most of my gains were wiped out in the capitulation but there is a clear 100% gain for AAVE ahead in its trip back to its ATH .

I have a strong feeling that many people will be “taking profits” on the way back up; fearful that the bull market is over; because there is such a huge media campaign trying to convince new-comers to crypto that it is….
But the bull run is far far far from over.
A good buy-in around these price levels is the same price you could have gotten into AAVE at 3-4 months ago, so its giving you this gift one more time, with 100% upside back to ATH as a potential trade, then rebuy the dip as well.

My strategy is much simpler: BUY and HODL to the end of the bullrun. AAVE is an interesting project that could see another 800% or 400%. I’m not sure where it will land, and it depends allot on whether “DEFI summer 2.0” happens, or if its more of a fizzle this year compared to last.
If we do have another defi summer, which I strongly expect, then AAVE is at the center of that and is going to pump extremely well so I wouldnt be surprised at another 10x (900%) pump from where we are at right now.

As always, DYOR, and invest in real projects.
Capitulations like this are necessary to kill the shitcoins and get rid of the degen hype tiktok WSB r-tards out of the market.