Bitcoin double peak cycle

History rimes again.
To understand my theory we have to start with the 2011 bullmarket top and draw in our Fib-levels from the top down to the following bear-market low.
Great now what. Well, we now can see that bitcoin in 2013 put in a new high. And as we know that was followed by a massive correction and then in late 2013 by an other ATH . But what really is interesting is to where we retraced after that FIRST 2013 top. And the answer is: down to the 1.618 Fib-level. And now guess what is happening right now: If we take the 2017 top and from there Fib-level down to the bear market low, we now can see that Bitcoin has put in an new ATH at 64K and now is retracing (just like in 2013) back down to the 1,618 Fib-level. If History repeats itself this was the bottom and we are in for a slow recovery and new ATH in 2021 or early 2022.
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2013: first Peak than pullback to Fib 1.618 (measured from 2011 Peak to following low) and than back to new ATH in late 2013
NOW: first Peak at 64K than pullback AGAN to Fib 1.618 (measured from 2017 peak to following low) – This supports the idea of a double peak cycle.

(You might have to scroll back or draw it yourself to see the first Fib-levels)
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